Baja Aerospace Cluster

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About Baja Aerospace Cluster

We are a collaborative ecosystem that drives innovation, fosters synergy among companies, and promotes the development of advanced technologies and solutions in the aerospace industry


Support the aerospace industry in Baja California and Mexico in development areas technology and innovation, training and development of the required professional talent, as well as how to meet your market and supply demands with a global focus and service results oriented.


To be the benchmark for specialized technical and engineering support for the aerospace sector in Baja California in its seven (7) business segments a. Commercial Aviation, b. Defending, c. space, d. Drones, e.g. MRO/R&O, f. Logistic Air Cargo and g. Extreme Air Sports allows to maintain our leadership in Mexico in favor of our industry, through the maintenance of a specialized, inclusive and socially impact ecosystem in our community.


  • 1. Have an updated list of companies linked to the aerospace sector that allows the easy location of your operations, products and services
  • 2. Define a skills matrix to position the vocational profile of the industry in Baja California, and strengthen its response capacity with technical and professional talent that is being educated in educational institutions
  • 3. Identify business opportunities for our aerospace industry and support the greater inclusion of national content through the incorporation of greater suppliers SME located in Mexico.
  • 4. Carry out tasks of management, facilitation and monitoring in search of favorable solutions to problems, challenges and issues that slow down, or hinder the operations of the industry aerospace in Baja California.
  • 5. Support and include companies interested in projects, initiatives or opportunities for business that require coordination and support in achieving an action plan programmed.
  • 6. Act as funding manager for specific projects required by the industry aerospace, to trigger or accelerate charitable initiatives for the aerospace industry.
  • 7. Promote courses, workshops, seminars and specialized presentations with the community aerospace and hold conferences and major events to publicize business capabilities and generate valuable knowledge.
  • 8. Carry out promotional, representation or business trips at the state, national and to disseminate objective valuable information from the aerospace sector, that allows decision-makers to know the comparative and competitive advantages that the region offers.

Core Values


We value a profit-driven approach as an essential part of our success. We strive to achieve solid profitability and generate value for our members.


We value creativity, initiative, and a willingness to take calculated risks. Our team is constantly seeking opportunities to innovate, grow, and overcome challenges.


We value the commitment and dedication of our team to achieve our strategic goals. We foster a stimulating, inclusive, and collaborative work environment


We strive to maintain high standards of professionalism in all our interactions. We value integrity, ethics, and professional conduct in everything we do.


We strive to be at the forefront of technology and practices in the industry. We constantly seek opportunities to innovate and lead change in our sector.


We adopt a customer-focused approach, seeking to understand their needs and offering personalized, high-quality solutions that meet their requirements.

Board of Directors

Tomás Sibaja

Tomás Sibaja


He is Director and Co-Founder of the firm Grupo Aeroespacial Especializado (GAE), Director of the company Space Propulsion Technologies (TECPROESA)

He has a PhD in Economics from the International School of ISM Administration in Paris, France. An MBA from the University of Redlands, in California, a Postgraduate in Economics and Political Studies from the University of Cambridge, England.

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Goverment and Supporting Organizations

Agentes Aduanales de Tijuana y Tecate
Baja Aerospace Cluster de Mujeres
Baja California Gobierno del Estado
Cluster Aeroespacial Mendoza Argentina
Cluster Energético de Baja California
Consejo Cordinador Empresarial Tijuana
Consejo de Desarrollo de Tijuana
Consejo Nacional de Clústeres Energéticos
Mexico Business
Nacional Financiera
Secretaría de Economía
Tijuana EDC
XXIV Ayuntamiento Tijuana