With the generosity and simplicity that characterizes Dra. Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of CDMX, 45 entrepreneurs from the Baja California aerospace sector were received at the Mayor’s Office of Azcapotzalco to visit the “Vallejo-i” Technological Development and Innovation Center. A world-class avant-garde complex that is innovative and relevant to the aerospace industry. Also and later, we had the opportunity to visit with C. Fadlala Akabani, Secretary of Economic Development of the CDMX, the Pantaco Logistics and Customs Center, and the modern Tecnoparque. Both with absorptive capacity and potential to link with our entity in projects of mutual benefit. We thank the entire team of Dr. Sheinbaum for a very complete and enriching agenda that allowed us to know the industrial / mind-invoice facet of CDMX.

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