With great success, the Baja California Aerospace Cluster, Playas de Rosarito chapter, held the First Air Festival at Los Alisitos Beach, La Misión Rosarito. In this first festival, the participants took helicopter rides, parachute free fall, paragliding and paragliding (light sport aircraft).

“It is an event that has already become a tradition for all those who are passionate about the air,” said the president of the Baja California Aerospace Cluster. Tomás Sibaja thanked the effort and vision of Luis Flores, president of the Baja California Aerospace Cluster, Rosarito chapter. Also, the collaboration of the president of the Extreme Air Sports Business Segment of the cluster, as well as companies from the aerospace industry and all the participants for the fascinating event.

SIbaja made special mention of Mayor Araceli Brown for attending the inaugural event, accompanied by Ivette Casillas, Director of Tourism Promotion for SEST in Baja California. He also highlighted the presence of consuls Efraín Campos and Ricardo Herrera from El Salvador, with whom he is in talks to bring Baja California and the aeronautical segment closer to this Central American country.

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