Aerospace in Baja California


Baja California’s manufacture industry is principally recognized for its innovation in aircraft design interiors and complete integration tests. In manufacturing, the state specializes in precision machinery, electric and power systems, hydraulic and interior systems, and metal plaque conformation processes. Some companies have the internal capacity for special processes, thermal and superficial treatment, and realize MRO motor part activities.

The state is profiled as an aerospace industry hub which defines its capacities in a transversal manner, it can capitalize its experience in the electronic, metallic manufacturing, plastics, and composite material industries.

Baja California’s proximity to the United States has attracted a great number of world class aerospace companies, such as Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, GKN Aerospace, Gulfstream, Zodiac Aerospace, UTC Aerospace Systems, Rockwell Collins, Eaton, y Consolidated Precision Products (CPP), among other companies. These hire highly qualified engineers from Baja California; demonstrating how valuable Baja California is for the industry internationally and the change of focus from assembling to designing and developing advanced technology.

The illustration below summarizes the aerospace capabilities located in the State (click on the image for a larger version).