Aerospace in Baja California



The Baja California Aerospace Roadmap was developed by a workinggroup made up of public, private and academic institutions under the auspices of the ProMexico
economic development office. ProMexico is Mexico's foreign promotion department and forms part of the Ministry of Economy.

The roadmap is divided into two phases, with priorities established according to the importance of each of the strategic projects. In a first phase, projects that were identified as high impact and feasible for the development of the aerospace industry in Baja California were worked on.




Establish Baja California as a center for international competitiveness through the coordination of a high value productive ecosystem

V.C.O= Export volume, level of exports’ sophistication, DFI, substitution of imports, local suppliers.

Diagnostic of training needs.

Creation of a Capabilities Map of the industry (by city) with a Benchmark (regional and international)

Talent managing system by competencies

Map of education and training capabilities of the State of Baja California

Creation of a strategic plan and statewide MRT for the industry


Main Export Hub of services based on high value knowledge (KPO) for the A&D industry in the country.

Specialization programs for engineering, theoretical, operating and soft skill levels

Identifying and approaching leading companies to promote their capabilities

Integrating regional capabilities into the global innovation systems in SFPP

Branding, Promotional and Broadcasting Program for the area’s capabilities

Vertical support for the industry with a focus on small businesses

Technological, industrial intelligence and market tendency research center


Energize and coordinate Mexico’s leadership in Latin America for KPO’s for fuselage and power plant systems.

Internship and dual systems (national and international) program

KPO attraction for fuselage and power plant systems

Implementation of technological, innovative, testing and certification capabilities

Strategic alliances for international bodies of the kind

Cross-border commission for the development of poles

Aircraft recycling hub